Davallia Gallery Exhibit

Davallia Gallery Exhibit

DaVallia Gallery Exhibit

Beginning August 15, 2020



Davallia Gallery
39 North St, #8993
Chester, VT 05143

Visit them online: TheDaVallia.com

Artist’s Statement

“In the process of painting, I find conversations between colors. A red speaks to a blue and both of them change and form a third color. A yellow turns from warm to cool and creates the feeling of light shifting and moving around us. Sometimes I think that these experiences of color are the real subject of my representations. The way a color shapes light and space, the warmth of a color in light, the cooling of a color in shadow, how dramatic and expressive a color can be in recreating a memory is what currently motivates me to paint.”

oil painting - forsythia colors the landscape
Color Conversations: Blue House

What You’ll See at the Exhibit