Landscape Paintings

Portsmouth, Monhegan Island, New England

Italia & The Tropics

Coloring Landscapes in Light

My memories of an experience have at their core the character of a particular light. Perhaps most important to my recent landscapes is the fact that they were not painted on site but instead called upon my memory. Light, its presence and absence, its transformations of form and color, its character and symbolism, is one of the common threads that run through the many forms my work has taken over the years.

On the surface, my recent landscapes depict simple houses, human shelters from a past time, their relationships to each other and to the natural forms surrounding them. These simple, geometric, man-made forms create a dialogue with the organic, natural forms of the landscape. As an artist, discovering and revealing the underlying structural elements are my primary pre-occupation and in many ways, my real subject.

I am always focusing on the underlying geometry of the objects depicted and the juxtaposition of colors that create the illusion of space and light. It is this emphasis on the formal components in my paintings that encourages the representations to be experienced more abstractly and more fundamentally. Working in series has always provided me with a set of ideas to develop in depth and make my own expressively.

landscape painting - South End Piscataqua Passage


landscape painting - Below the Island Inn

Monhegan Island

new england landscapes - Tidal Island Formations

New England

Italia landscape paintings - Cypress Sunset


tropical landscape paintings - I Dream Ephemeral Fire (Diptych)